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ARB Application

In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Easements and Reservations, and the Rules and Regulations, the proposed installation must conform to this approval and the Association's governing documents.

Complete this application and send two copies of supporting documentation (drawings, color or material sample, property survey that shows the location of the proposed change, alteration or addition, etc).

Applications cannot be processed until all documentation has been submitted.

By submitting this application, you indicate that you understand the following:

1.  No work will begin until written approval is received from the ARB.  You have 60 days from the approval date to complete the work.  Otherwise, a second application is required.

2.  All work will be done expeditiously once commenced and will be done in a professional manner by a licensed contractor or by the homeowner.

3.  All work will be performed timely and in a manner that will minimize interference and inconvenience to other residents.

4.  The homeowner assumes liability and will be responsible for any and all damages to other lots and/or common area, which may result from the performance of this work.

5.  The homeowner is responsible for the conduct of all persons, agents, contractors, subcontractors and employees who are connected with the work.

6.The homeowner is responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws, codes, regulations and requirements in connection with this work.  I will obtain any necessary governmental permits and approval for the work.

7.  Upon receipt of this information and all supporting documentation, a decision by the ARB will be made within 30 days.  I will be notified in writing when the application is either approved or denied.

8.  This approval is not final but is contingent upon the following:

  • Completion of the project as described and/or illustrated in the supporting documentation
  • A final inspection must be performed by a representative of the ARB board.

The homeowner is responsible for following the governing documents when making any exterior modifications.